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General Information for Magnisia

Magnisia A perfecture of many natural charms, unique archeological sights and treasures attract visitors all year round. Mountains Orthys and Pelion join in the low hills and devide the fertile plains of Magnesia. Its Paghastikos Kolpos/Bay extends its shores to places where in ancient times many cities prospered. Incredible beaches await you at the Aegean side: from the Keramidi and Horefto to Katigiorgi and Trikeri.

Having as your starting point Volos the capital , you are on a journey of beautiful sights and locales of the nome. Volos with its 110,000 inhabitants, along with the municipality of Nea Ionia, is one of the largest cities in Greece. It is a significant commercial port and a very busy industrial area. Volos is built around its deep harbor, the recess of Paghasitikos Kolpos/Bay and it spreads up to the foot of Pelion. The city after the earthquake of 1955 was re-built and unfortunately lost much of its character. Nonetheless, though, it still retains its unique charm.