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General Information for Thassos

Thassos Thassos, the lovely island of northern Aegean is very close to Kavala and you could very well visit it for a quiet vacation and - also if you wish - enjoy the very active social life that the modern tourist resort offers. The name Thassos came from Europe's brother Thassos, who built the first settlement in the region in search of his sister, whom Zeus had abducted. Thassos is also regarded as the homeland of Dimitra (goddess of earth's fertility and Persephone's mother), where she began teaching the art of earth cultivation. Thassos is regarded as one of the little heavens that the gods sprinkled over the Aegean Sea.

It combines mountain and sea, and the picturesque villages, emerald bays, golden sandy-beaches, and the verdant of thyme and pine slopes present an idyllic picture. In ancient times Thassos was known for its mines and the lucrative export trade of ore, white marble, gold, timber and wine. Today, Thassos, has again a chance to prosper with the offshore oil that was found around the island. There are many archeological finds disseminated across the island. The visit to the ancient site begins at the waterfront and the ancient agora, nearby. A small path will take you to the Altar of Poseidon (built in the 4th century).
From here you take the road to the castle and the city-wall of Thassos - one of the most impressive sites - the ancient theater and the acropolis with Athena's Altar. You pass the famous Parmeniona and Seilenos gates. At the Archeological Museum, you will have the opportunity to admire beautiful collections of various periods especially sculptures of the Archaic Age. The beaches are absolutely beautiful especially the ones near the capital of the island, Limenas.