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General Information for Arta

Arta The Perfecture/nome of Arta has many lovely physical attributes. Besides the mountainous villages, its coastal settlements are very beautiful as well. Many aquatic birds -among them a rare kind of pelican , the silver pelican-gather and nestle in Arahthos.This Aquarium has an international significance and it is protected-along with ten additional aquatic areas in Greece, by the Ramsar Accord.

Tourist traffic increases significantly during Easter and the summer months. Arta, the capital of the nome is a modern city of more than 21000 inhabitants. It is built on top of seven - covered with orange and olive trees - hills.


  • Kastro/Castle, built on the highest point of the city
  • Ancient city of Amvrakia
  • Panaghia the Parighoritissa/ Comforting Madonna
  • Legendary Bridge of Arta
  • Plane-Tree/Platanos of Arta
  • Forest/Thasos with the tourist pavillion, among others.
Velentziko; Vourghareli; Katarraktis; Kompoti; Koronissia; Kypseli/Hosepsi; Petas; Rodhavghi.