Ionian Islands-Zakynthos

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General Information for Zakynthos

Zakynthos Zakynthos - known for her refinement and nobility - was the hardest hit by the Ionian earthquake of 1953, when the capital, with her distinctive architecture, was totally destroyed. Zakynthos - most of it now rebuilt - is one of the fastest-growing tourist resorts in Greece. If you spend some time there you will be fascinated with the idyllic traditional villages, verdant vineyards, orchards and olive groves, superb beaches, natives serenading, the panoramic view of the city from the Venetian Kastro (castle), the famous tortoises Careta-Careta ready again - at Laganas shore - to welcome the visitor. Zakynthos Town - the capital and port - stands out, bedecked in green at the foothills of a verdant highland - on top of which the Venetian Castle is built. Zakynthos nourished many literati: Solomos, Kalvos, Xenopoulos and Ugo Foscolo, among others. Walk at the plateia of Saint Mark, where the ambience brings you back in time and visit the Solomos Museum. At the Plateia Solomou, there is the Byzantine Museum and the beautiful sandstone church of Aghios Nikolaos (15th century). Plateia Solomou is the main square, very spacious and grand.

Outskirts to be visited: The most beautiful suburb is Bohale, where the historical church of Saint George - the place where many of the fighters of the War of Independence were sworn and nearby, on the Strane hill, Dionysios Solomos was inspired to write the Greek National Anthem (/Ηymn to Liberty) and his famous poem: The Beleaguered Free/Eleftheroi Poliorkimenoi.

If you take the route from Zakynthos towards Vasiliko (appr. 10 miles), south of the island and in proximity of 3 miles, you reach Arghasi, a settlement with tourist activity. Endowned with mountains and sea, it offers many possibilities. Enjoy a swim at the beach and a good meal at Zakanthe. Another tourist resort - with an immense shore of white sand - Vassilikos- gives you the opportunity to see the famous sea-turtle Careta-Careta. There is also the bay of Porto Roma, one of the loveliest beaches of the island.

South of Vassilikos you encounter the bay of Yerakas, which offers an incredible sandy beach. Further south - among other places - you find yourself in Laganas, the largest tourist resort of Zakynthos. Its shores extend to a five and one half mile range. The crystal-clear, shallow warm waters of its sandy beaches will enchant you. You will also have a chance to visit, by small boat, the neighboring verdant inlets: Marathonissi, Aghios Sostis and Pelouzo.

Even further south the Limni of Keriou/lake of Keri - a spectecular area - just across Marathonissi. If you wish to continue your tour from Volimes - two settlements almost joined together - you reach the famous Blue Grotto, which is often compared to the Grotto of Capri. The cave consists of two chambers, which you can see by rowboat.

Other seashores:
Navaghio; Mavrantzi; Daphne; Arghassi; Alikanas; Alykies; Kalamaki; Tsilivi; Aghia Kyriake; the shores of Orthonion etc...