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Come and live not only the glory that was Greece, but also the infinite variety of the landscape ranging from snow capped rugged mountains, to the sun drenched idyllic seashores.
From the beauty and serenity of the Aegean and Ionian Seas - where over one thousand five hundred incredibly beautiful islands are scattered - to the forested mountains, icy lakes and tumbling rivers of Northern Greece.
The land is blessed with temperate climate, sunshine and the beautiful blue sky of the Mediterranean.

Greece with Numbers!

Population: 10.939.771
More than 4 millions Greeks are estimated to live abroad, including over 2 millions in America.
Sex distribution: Male 49,6% , Female: 50,4%.
Population by areas: Urban: 57,7%, Rural: 42,3%
Area (sq. km): 131.957

Density: 82,9 inhabitants per sq. km.
Birth rate: 9,72 per 1000 inhabitants
Life expectancy: males 74,6 years, Females 79, 40 years
Capital city: Athens (3.192.606 inhabitants)
Religion: 97,6% are Greek Orthodox, 1,3% Muslim, 0,4% Roman Catholic, 0,7% other.