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Greece is a land of splendid natural beauty. The unspoiled eco-systems provide a wide range of opportunities and alternatives in respect of the wildlife and the environmental balance. The national forests and the woodlands of Olympus, Parnassos, Samaria, Pindos, Vikos, Parnitha, Pindos, Pilio, Taigetos, Ossa, Dirfis reveal a majestic splendour to the eyes of the mountainous traveller.
These ecosystems provide a shelter for the perseverance and the survival of a large number of wild species and wild flora.
Places like the virgin forests of Rodopi, the delta of Evros the woodlands of Pindos, the Neda basin are established areas of international significance. The Prespes lakes, the Ambrakian gulf, the lake Kerkini along with many other important wetlands and aquatic environments provide sanctuary for flocks of birds that migrate there on the journey from the South to the North.
In Alonissos, an island on the North Aegean, one may come across the endangered species of the seal Monachus monachus. On the coast lines of Zakynthos lives and hatches its eggs the famous sea turtle Carreta carreta, that almost faced extinction during the last decades.
Also let us mention the idyllic Greek seashore with a coastline that surpasses 16,000 km in total length and is characterized by an astonishing variety in morphology and wildlife presence. The sandy beaches the rocks on the shore the coral reefs the little islets may reveal to the wanderer an underwater treasure and behold a precious resource.
There are many rare species of birds nesting and seeking for refuge in Greece's coasts and over 350 wetlands. Visit the unique delta of Evros, the marine park of Alonissos the preserved valley of butterflies in Rhodes and many other places.