East Islands-Psara

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General Information for Psara

Psara A tiny island, consisting of a group of small isles, is worth visiting for the endless calmness and serenity that offers. Administratively the islands belong to the nome of Chios, of which only Psara - the largest - is inhabited. The rest of them: Antipsara, Kato Nissi, Thaskalio, Ai-Nikolaki, etc... with their remote and secluded sandy shores invite you to enjoy the vastness and bliss of the Aegean. Psara has been inhabited since antiquity but became famous for its active participation in the struggle of the War of Independence of 1821, when the Psarians - with Papanikolis, Kanaris and Pipinos - destroyed many Turkish ships. As a result the Turks burned the island and totally ravaged it (in 1824). Its inhabitants escaped elsewhere. The national poet-Dionysios Solomos-memorialized this aweful catastrophy with the celebrated poem that follows: On the darken crest of Psara,
Glory is walking alone.
Reminincing her bright young men, wearing only a wreath, made of the few twigs, left on her desolate land.

The bare ground of today's Psara still reminds one of that terrible conflagration. Swim at the lovely sandy beaches in the midst of rocky shores: Kato Yialos and Katsouni near the port. Walk ten to twenty five minutes and enjoy the Lazoreta, Limnos and Lekka beaches. Travel to Psara from Chios by small boat (3-4 times a week. Tel. : - Chios Port Authority - 22710 22837). The trip takes 4 hours.