East Islands-Limnos

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General Information for Limnos

Limnos The island with the golden sandy shores, the volcanic landscape, the kastro/castle, the archeological sights and the traditional settlements, its sought-after since antiquity products (wine, honey & cheese), the plentiful fresh fish is offered to you for peaceful, relaxing vacations. Myrina, capital and port of the island of 4380 inhabitants, is sprawled around the two bays-the harbor and Roman Yialos.

The dominant feature, in the middle of town, is the rock on top of which the castle is built. Myrina was built at the exact same place where the ancient city was located and it has continuously been inhabited since prehistoric times. The stone -paved streets, as well as the oldstone-built houses - especially in Roman Yialos - give an aura of nobility to the entire area.


  • Kastro/Castle
  • Library (Karatzathios Bibliothiki)
  • Church of St. Paraskevi
  • Archeological Museum in Roman Yialos

Aghios Demetrios; Atsiki; Kaminia; Kaspakas; Kontia; Livathohori; mouthros, among others.