East Islands-Lesvos

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General Information for Lesvos

Lesvos The third largest of the Greek islands - after Crete and Evia - and one of the wealthiest is the ideal place for your vacation. The fantastic landscape, the green forestry, the coastal settlements, all so enticing to the visitor! The capital of the island, Mytilini, extends over seven hills crowned atop a pine - covered woodland by the castle - built by the Genovese- on the same spot where the acropolis of antiquity stood. The view of the entire island and the shores of Asia Minor on the other side is absolutely breath taking.

The long history and tradition of the island, the architectonical peculiarities - witnesses to a glorious past - along with its distinctive structures and old mansions on the wharf, fascinate and invite the traveler to get to know her better. Besides the castle there are other significant sites to see: the ancient theatre in the area of Aghia Kyriaki (which is regarded equal to the one at Epidavros); the beautiful mosaics at the House of Menandros; the Roman House at the exit of the ancient agora and the Yeni Mosque - where many exhibits take place during the summer; the Municipal Library and the Gallery the lovely traditional house of Marika Vlahou, the numerous mansions and neo-classical buildings throughout the city.

The Metropolis (Aghios Athanasios) where the relics of saint Theodore (of Byzantium) are housed; the french cemetery of the First War (Skala Loutrou); the Archeological Museum; the Folklore and that of Modern Art among others.

Outskirts worth visiting:
To appreciate the charms of Mytilini you should devote a few days to tour and get an overall impression of a truly beautiful island. Among the routes you should take we suggest:
Mytilini-Taxiarhes-Loutra; Mytilini-Mistegno-Mandamathos-Sykaminos-Molyvos;
Mytilini-Kalloni-Mithymna. There, of course, are other directions as interesting and captivating as well. The following villages and beaches will charm you: The picturesque traditional village Moria (a little over 3 ½ miles) with the beautiful beach b>Panaghoutha.

Thermi (approx. 7 miles), which involves three settlements: Pyrghoi then the main village of Thermi - very picturesque - and the most significant summer resort, with the famous healing spa, is located. Between Pyrghoi and Thermi their shores attract many swimmers. Pappathos (15 ½ miles) distinctive for its special culture and local traditions.

The shores of Gheras as: Evriaki, Pefkos, Kalatses, Pyrghoi and Avlonas and even further, perhaps the loveliest beach of the island, the small bay of Tarti. Aghiassos (17 miles) where you can enjoy endless moments of peace and stillness, enjoying the verdant landscape. Mandamathos (22 miles) where the lovely beaches of Aghios Stephanos, Pethi, Aspropotamos and more could be enjoyed.

There are many other settlements and lovely shores further away from the capital. In the western side of the island the hometown of Sappho, Eressos is located. The lyric poet-who favored female relationships in her poetry-was born there around 630 B.C. Only portions of her nine books have survived, her best known work being the songs dedicated to marriage.

Besides Sappho Mytilini/Lesvos claims many more luminaries as her own. The nearest beaches to Mytilini are: Ermoghenis, Tsamakia (the official beach of EOT); towards the airport the beaches worth visiting are: Kourtjis; Aghalma Eleftherias (statue of Liberty); Panaghioutha and further north Skala Pamphilou. Water sports: Sailing and windsurfing at Plomari, Votera, Skala Eressou. There is a Nautical Association, where water sport enthusiasts can participate in swimming, water-polo and rowing competitions, in Mytilini.