East Islands-Ikaria

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General Information for Ikaria

Ikaria The island is located between Samos and Mykonos. Myth has it, that the name came from Icarus (son of Daedalus) who fell into the sea, when the warm sun melted the wax-bindings of his wings. The island is known since antiquity for his thermal springs. It offers physical attractions, traditional settlements and remnants of its long history.

Aghios Kerykos, the capital and port of the island, with approximately 2400 inhabitants, is amphitheatrically built inside the gulf of the south-east shores. The middle of the hill is dominated by the neoclassical building which houses the Police and the Port Authority. A similar building serves as the town hall.


  • St. Nicholas, the Metropolis
  • Katapakti -shelter which, according to tradition, leads to a cave underneath the altar of St. Demetrios
  • the impressive round Tower
  • Therma/Warm Springs
  • Museum

Armenistis; Yialiskari; Evthilos; Karkinaghri;Hristos Rahon