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General Information for Leros

Leros It is an island with deep notches, physical ports, sandy shores, rocky lacy coasts and very verdant scenery. It is also, an island of contradictions and harmony with great climate and long and proud history. It offers very pleasant vacations. Platanos - Aghia Marina - Panteli: all three settlements appear as one unit, since year by year various structures are built between them.

Platanos, the heartbeat and also the administrative, intellectual and commercial center of the island, is the oldest quarter and the capital of Leros.

Panteli is located in the northern borders of the hill Apityki and towards the Panteli Bay. Aghia Marina, is one of the two ports of the island, the other one is Lakki.

The traffic is greatly increased during high season, July and August.Sights Bruzzi -at the entrance of the harbor of Aghia Marina Kastro -numerous churches -mansions: Kanthioghlou & Anotellou -the library and the Museum among others.

Alindha; Lakki; Xerokampos; Partheni