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General Information for Kastelorizo

Kastelorizo Meghisti (meaning biggest/largest), the frontier island is extending Greece's borders, 72 n. miles, the same distance as its distance from Rhodes.It is an ideal place for walkers and devotees of rest and relaxation. It consists of only one settlement by the same name.

It embraces the harbor's bay with the two and three-story houses, sprawling about the fields and goes down to Nifti. Very difficult to secure accommodations, since there are very few houses avilable.

Sights worth seeing:

  • Harbor's kastro/castle
  • Naoshimos Tafos/ a church-shaped tomb, carved on a rock
  • the blue cave or Fokiali (perhaps the loveliest in the Mediterranean)
  • Museums (Archeological and Folk Art)
  • numerous churches among others.