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General Information for Kalymnos

Kalymnos Traces of the long history of the island of spongers are visible everywhere, from the ancient castles, the caves of prehistoric existence and the monasteries, to the relics of temples and the Andro ton Nymphon (cave of the Maidens). The picturesque port called Kalymnos or Pothia, presents a destinct image with its ocher -colored houses spread out on two hills, contrasting the greyish stone around them. Kalymnos with its rich historical and mythological traditions borders Leros to the north and Kos to the south. Its small yet lovely bays will enchant you and although the voyage from Piraeus is long (appr. 13 hours) it is, nonetheless, worthwhile. An excursion to the neighboring isle Tenethos will be enjoyable as well.

Sights to see among others:
The Andro ton Nymphon - where according to tradition seven maidens found refuge from the pirates and they were never seen again. The ruins of the ancient city. The Church of Christ, the iconostasis of which was carved by the famed sculptor Halepas. The remains of an acropolis, various caves and at Kastri the ruins of the Cyclopean Walls and a tower can be seen. Medieval monuments are also abundant around the island.

Interesting villages and settlements include: Vathy, a verdant area in the northeast side of the island - where the castle of Kyra-Psili and the monastery are located.

Horio, the old capital of the island; Panormos, very busy tourist resort; Telenthos, a ten minute ride by boat from Myrties: the islet has lovely beaches and a Byzantine castle. Seashores: Near the town there are the pebble beaches: Yephyra and Therma. The most beautiful ones, however, are on the western shore: Panormos; Kantouni; Linaria; and even further west, Platis Yialos; Myrties, the famous sandy shore of Massouri and Emporios, lovely are also the sandy shores of Pserimos. The harbor of Kalymnos is regarded as one of the most important of Greece.