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General Information for Syros

Syros Syros is the principal intersection of routes through the Aegean islands. The refined town of Ermoupolis/Hermoupolis - both the capital and harbor of the island - named after Hermes, the god of trade, offers many attractions and it is unfortunate that visitors use it only to change boats for their next destination. Unlike the rest of the Cyclades, Syros depends very little on tourism. Its economy - since ship - building has declined - depends mainly on its textile factories, cotton mills, tanneries, horticultural industry and it is regarded as the producer of the best loukoumi (Turkish delight).

Syros was the favorite summer restort of afluent Greeks from the mainland and abroad, especially Egypt, where they built lovely country homes.

Ermoupolis - not only the capital of Syros but all the Cyclades as well - is amphitheatrically built with neoclassical buildings, old archontika but also all-white houses descending towards the harbor. Its majestic center justifies the title the noble lady of the Cyclades, where - at Miaouli Square - you admire the stately neoclassical Town Hall, designed by Ziller, the German architect, the statue of the hero of the Greek Revolution, Admiral Miaoulis and you enjoy your coffee at the palm-tree shaded little cafes.

The Apollon Theatre, designed by the French architect Chabeau, is a replica of La Scala of Milan, located on Vardaki Sq.

Ano Syros, exclusively a Catholic community in the past, its character still medieval, is built on the slope of San Giorgio, the magnificent church built in the 12th century. Picturesque villages to visit:Vari (beautiful coastal village in the southeastern part of the island); Hydroussa (very verdant and plentiful water, you will see many stately old mansions there).

Towards the south you encounter: Ahlathi and Megha Yialos. The drive is fantastic); Possithonia (beautiful archontika and villas with rare architecture). Phinikas (a lovely coastal village), Ghalissas (one of the best island resorts). Going north you headed towards the Kini Bay (an ideal place if you are looking for solitude and serenity).

Lovely beaches: Aghios Nikolaos (near Ermoupolis); Kymata (waves) and Asteria (stars). The sandy well-organized shore of Ghalissas; Agathopes; Kini; Meghas Yialos etc.

Venture out to the countryside and contemplate spending a little time at this peaceful island which can provide you with a taste of cycladic life.