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General Information for Santorini

Santorini The most interesting island of the Cyclades has a uniqueness of its own. A visit there - for the sheer pleasure of seeing this fantastic landscape as the boat approaches the harbor - is absolutely worth it. The horrifying volcano eruption around 1500 B.C. shattered the island to pieces and shaped an environment unparalleled not only in Greece but perhaps the world over. Santorini’s (Thera’s) center caved into the sea thus creating the present caldera (a broad craterlike basin of a volcano) and the largest piece - the semicircular island of Thera - constitutes a spectacular tourist centre on the east, while Aspronisi and Therassia are located on the western side. The volcanic character of Santorini is revealed by the black shores, peculiar rocks and petrifications, a landscape that looks unreal. The houses in Fira are hanging over the brown-reddish cliff, suspended between the blue yonder and the deep blue sea. No one should miss the sunset of Oia, an utter wonder. In addition, the vistas in caldera from the slope of Fira to Merovighli will leave you astounded. Fira - the capital and the cosmopolitan centre of the island will offer you unforgettable days and nights. Visit the archeological museum and Gyzi Megharo - where in recent years many cultural activities, festivals and theatrical performances take place. Its night life as well, is explosive. Behind Fira, the ground inclines calmly, the vineries trail the rich volcanic soil, while the black pebbles of the shores invite you provocatively.

The architecture of the houses will impress you. They seem to be glued together one on top of the other as if they came out of a fairytale book page.

Visit the dead city at the archeological site of Akroteri, go up to the ruins of ancient Thera, reach Prophet Elias, the highest summit of the island and an incredible view - as far as the neighboring island Anaphi - awaits to be relished.

Visit the dead city at the archeological site of Akroteri, go up to the ruins of ancient Thera, reach Prophet Elias, the highest summit of the island and an incredible view - as far as the neighboring island Anaphi - awaits to be relished.

Just accross Santorini there is the islet Therassia and also not to be missed the caique ride that will take you to the volcano (lots of walking and climbing – don’t forget your walking shoes/boots). Like all other islands, Santorini, has a long history and many believe that the island is the legendary lost city of Atlantis, which was destroyed the 15th century B.C. after a volcano eruption and successive earthquakes.

At Athenios - the small port of the island where the ferry-boat leaves you - a bus takes you up a narrow curvy road to Fira, from that port (of Fira) you either go by foot, donkey or the funicular (the unique sights will never be forgotten), to Hora where the flagstone little streets, the houses with the colorful doors and windows, the terraces with the incredible view and the donkeys going up and down, surpass the limits of quaintness.

The surrounding villages will enchant you as well: Firostephani, a lovely place which actually is an extention of Fira. Merovighli, the highest point of the island; Oia, on the other side of the caldera (northern side of the island) where you can enjoy an unequaled sunset; at the cape Koloumbos (north- east of Oia) a small distance from the sea, there is the second crater of the volcano and before you get to the picturesque Oia you encounter Phinikia an authentic traditional village with lovely houses; Monolithos near the airport, with the largest beach and one of the best tavernas of the island, Ntomata (Tomato). Messaria a lovely place in the midst of vineries, with neoclassical houses; Pyrgos on the slope of Prophet Elias with an excellent view of Santorini.

Meghalohori, beautiful traditional village. Akroteri attracts many tourists to the excavations and significant findings by the famed archeologist Spyros Marinatos. Among others, Perissa, known for the black-sand shore and dark waters, is one of the busiest areas of the island.

Shores: There are many, some are rocky, others very popular (thus, too crowded), the black-sanded ones get very hot (a beach-mat a must) and others are far away and remote. The best ones are: Perissa, Monolithos and Kamari. The Kokini Paralia/Red Beach, with sand that looks like red-soil and comes from the lava.

From Oia, descend two hundred steps for a good swim to Ammouthi a picturesque beach. The beauty of Vlyhatha surprises everyone with its colorful volcanic rocks, back of Oia there is Katharos with black pebbles and rocks and about 2 miles from Oia you encounter the very open, large shore Baksethes. Santorini is known for its wines, cracked-chick-peas (fava) and small dehydrated tomatoes. It offers also lovely ebroideries, handicrafts and mineral products. The restaurants, tavernas and the well-known international chain restaurants will impress you and naturally, your meals should be accompanied with the famous Santorini wines. One of the favorite desert wines is Vino Santo.

Nightlife is especially intense in Fira where you can enjoy the sunset at Franco’s listening to classical music, or have a cup of coffee at Energy and Everyday. Be enterained at Enigma and Koo with foreign music; Club 33 and Lemoni for Greek music and Tithora for rock music.