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General Information for Naxos

Naxos The island of Dionysos and Ariadne - the daughter of King Minos fell in love with Dionysos when left on the island by Thesseus -whom she had helped slay the Minotaur - is the largest of the Cycladic complex. It is a landscape of contradiction and contrast. Idyllic verdant meadows to followed by barren valleys, stand in front of rocky masses with ravines ending up fantastic shores. Discover the natural beauty of one of the most scenic islands of the Cyclades. Enjoy the undefiled beaches of Naxos, its Old Town (Palia Chora), the old homes of the Venetian castle with the insignia of their original residents. Admire these impossing dwellings along with the other significant monuments and lavish archeological interests that this island has to offer like: the magnificent churches, the stately mystifying Portara (on the inlet Palatia, the massive entrance to the unfinished Archaic Temple of Apollo, located to the left of the harbor), the unfinished Kouros, the eleven-metre, lying on the ground statue, which dates back to the 6th century BC (north part of the island, the village Apollon) and noumerous other sights.

The island inhabited since antiquity, has in recent years become very popular and its nightlife - in the summer months - is very earnest, if you, however, opt for a tranquil, restful vacation you won't be disappointed. The vast sandy beaches in the western part of the island, along with the bays of the north, will fascinate you. The highest mountain Zas/Zeus (3.313ft) stands out, from far, as a large pyramid. Naxos Town - the capital and harbor of the island - is divided into two neighborhoods, one is Bourghos where the Greek population resided and the Kastro (castle), where the Venetian Catholics lived. The villages of this fertile island will fascinate you: Aghios Arsenios (built on a tree-planted valley); Apollon; Koronitha (mountainous village with traditional homes and beautiful woven items that can be purchased at the Folklore Art Organization); Eggares (the natural beauty is incredible); Melanes (many old towers and castles to be admired, in Flero inside a garden, there is a second Kouros); Apiranthos (one of the most beautiful cycladic villages).

Seashores: the cosmopolitan shore in Aghios Prokopios; in Aghia Anna, white sand, clear waters; Mikri Vighla, with the small coves - you could also surf there; Kastraki; the lovely sandy beach of Alykos and Aghiassos; the northern part of the island: from the Stavros (Cross) cape to the bays of Amprami, there are: Aghios Mamas; Vrissia and Pahia Ammos (thick sand) and in the eastern coast try: Liona; Psili Ammos (thin sand) and Klithos.