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General Information for Kimolos

Kimolos The Island of Kimolos appears to have been sectioned off from Melos' body and, it is re-joined by the daily local boat-routes. As in the case of Kythnos, the small island does not have many tourists and it is a place for someone who is determined to have a very relaxing vacation. Hora or Horio, as the locals call it, surrounds the once powerful Venetian castle/kastro of which some relics still touch the houses.

Touring Hora, one sees half-ruined mansions and the three portes/doors (upper-middle-lower), which protected the citizens during hard times. Among other things to see are the various churches, the old-kastro, and the cave of vromolimni(dirty lake). There's also an Archeological museum. Besides the Hora, there is one more settlement: Psari.