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General Information for Folegandros

Folegandros The elongated isle is virtually parted in two segments. Its terrain has the same morphology as Sikinos, i.e., rocky but also verdant with thyme bushes which produce excellent honey. the island is ideal for nature lovers, an island for romantics. It has preserved its medieval character. The approximately 250 houses compose an outer wall of the Castle/kastro, built at the edge of the cliff, 150m. above sea level and as in the case of Amorghos its position was a deterrent to the pirates and until the 1980's to tourists as well.

The settlement was expanded outside of the castle without having any of its characteristics adulterated.Other typical Cycladic features are the four squares/plateies and the many churches.

Places to visit: -the Castle, the oldest and prettiest houses of Hora surround the kastro, built by Marco Sanoudo the year 1212. -the Old Castle. A path leads to the hill where remnants of Apollo's temple are found. A very impressive view. -the Golden Cave/Hryssospelia.

The new excavation have discovered a place of worship. The cave with magnificent stalactites has not as yet been explored. -Panaghia. The most beautiful church of the island.

Villages to visit: Agali; Ano Meria: Karavostassi