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General Information for Andros

Andros Andros, the second largest of the Cyclades, is a contrast amidst the other islands, due to the fact that it is pine-covered, has plenty of water (thus, its ancient name of Hydroussa) and plentiful natural therapeutic springs. The multiple white villages along with the cosmopolitan tourist resorts, make Andros the ideal place, even for a weekend, since its proximity from Rafina is short. Andros demonstrates her wealth and great marine tradition through the superb archontika (mansions), old castles, white cycladic houses and in general the affluent image the island puts forth.

The most northern of the Cyclades, Andros is also the most fertile, its distinctive feature being that its pine and mulberry woods are saved.

Andros Chora/Hora (town), is built on a peninsula, between two large shores - Nemporio and Paraporti - and has a long history.

The island peaked during the Byzantine period and financially thrived through its silk production. The Philosophical Academy was then founded and Michael Psellos taught there.

The old town will fascinate you with the remnants of the Venetian Castle, built in the 13th Century on an islet - linked to land by an idyllic bridge. From the Messa Kastro (inner castle), you will see few remnants and the stone arched bridge, which was joining the castle with the small peninsula where the medieval city Kato Kastro (lower castle), was built and later was developed into the modern settlement.

In the large square the statue of the unknown Sailor- a work of the sculptor Michael Tompros-dominates. As you enter the harbour you look at the famous Tourlites Pharos (lighthouse). The Museum of Contemporaty Art offers many cultural activities, especially during the summer months. The exhibits of very famous artists attract many visitors. The Archaeological Museum houses many significant works of Art.

Visit the picturesque villages like: the amphitheatrically built Batsi - for social events; in Chora (Andros Town) enjoy intellectual activities; Stenies - the hometown of the ship owners; Messaria, the centre of the island during the Byzantine Period; the idyllic Syneti, with the dove-coves etc.

As for swimming: enjoy the beautiful shores Nemporio and Paraporti, the small bays, with crystal clear waters, Yialia and Pisso Yialia. The very popular beach of Gavrio; the Golden Sand (Hryssi Ammos); the Bay Phelos; the beach of Palaeopolis; in the Bay of Korthiou the shore of Aghia Aekaterini and many more isolated little bays as: Bouro, Kalamonari, Ai-Yiannis. In addition, the distant and charming bay of Korthi (15 miles from Andros Town), you would definitely enjoy diving at the Pithima tis Ghrias, and the Cave of Eros. And if you could tour the island by boat you will forever live that incredible adventure.

Andros has not attempted - like other Cycladic islands - to lure foreign visitors, it has long, however, attracted many Greek vacationers who appreciate its rugged beauty and refreshing breeze during July and August.