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General Information for Amorgos

Amorgos The elongated shape of the island looks as the protector of all the small eastern Cycladic Isles. The castle/kastro dominates the top of the cliff in the Hora and it is the first thing that catches the eye of the visitor. Its position made it unapproachable to pirates and other invaders.

At the foot of the kastro, the lovely all-white houses, along with the two squares/plateies among them, are spread out.

In the central square, there is the church and the various buildings at their facade of which one sees the built-in ancient plaques. Impressive steps, sometimes wide and others narrow, along the stoned-paved narrow streets and the arches at the edge of the kastro, make your tour of the Hora romantic indeed. Semi-ruined windmills await you at the summit of the cliff.

Amorgos had been a very important center of the Cycladic civilization.

Things to see include:

  • the wall with the embrasures, built ( by Jeremias Gyzis, 13th C.)for the protection of the island.
  • the Byzantine churches
  • the ruins of the hellenistic Castle
  • and the Byzantine Monastery of Panaghia the Hozoviotissa, among others.

Surrounding villages: Eghiali; Arkesini; Kato Meria; Katapola